Casual Outfit of the Day

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A really simple outfit I wore yesterday.
Wearing jeans and a (heavily shoulder padded) leather jacket made me feel so 80's! I loved it

Leather Jacket, Charity Shop
Jeans, Beyond Retro
Belt, eBay
Shoes, Nine West
Necklace, Charity Shop

Mystery Woman

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Drawing is one of the many things I enjoy doing. I find it very therapeutic and anything I can do whilst watching a movie is always a plus for me!
It's a skill I used to practice on a daily basis as a child. However, after my degree in animation (some many years ago), I had been put off of the very idea of drawing. My passion for it has only been revived in the last year or so. 

During my time away from art, I think I started to feel a bit unsure about my skills. Almost as if I may have forgotten how... Whatever your natural ability levels are, drawing/ art is a skill which requires practice and for me I feel like there is so much more to learn.

My favourite medium is pencil on paper and then rendering in photoshop. This is so ironic because I was hopeless with computers during my whole degree and specialised in 2D animation because I found the whole computer/ cgi thing so dull and laborious. (I later discovered 2D animation is just as boring!) Especially back then when it was mainly drawing frames on paper or cells! -Omg how did I survive?!

I'm really happy to be drawing again and I know it's only a matter of time before I'm animating again! I just need to figure all the new tech which will hopefully make it easier than it was during my degree!

New Beginnings

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I had such a great time at London fashion week but it wasn't just a one off experience for me. It really helped me to put everything in perspective and as a direct result I've decided to focus on fashion (and music) on my YouTube channel. This is a move which I feel will allow me to express myself creatively... To be bold and fearless in the pursuit of my dreams.

I've been a "beauty guru" for about four years now, but over the last two years I just found myself slowly losing enthusiasm; Especially when it came to beauty and make up tutorials... 
My heart lies in fashion and the mere thought of dedicating my time to doing that makes me so happy!

I recently dyed my hair bright red and I know it sounds cliche but it really did represent a new beginning for me!

The short video below, gives a little more detail about what my channel will entail. I'm really excited and I hope it appeals to you guys too.
Thank you to those so far who have shown me so much love and support in this new direction.

Be Bold!xx

London Fashion Week, Day 4

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I was ill on day 3, so I couldn't attend any shows that day. 
I was back on form by day 4 however, wearing a DIY ensemble.

This outfit was based around my favourite theme of black and gold. Both the dress and faux fur were made by me. The choker was made from a broken bracelet I "found" in my sisters room, the chain attached from my neck to wrist were used from an old bag strap.

(Below is an extremely blurry pic taken with my camera on an incorrect setting lol, but I like the feel of it!)

In case you can't quite make out what I'm wearing; It's a more embellished version of the outfit worn in my previous post, for one of my FashionFIX videos.

I absolutely love accessories so this outfit was one of my favorites!
Let me know what you think? Too much? NAHHHH!

Dress, DIY
Faux Fur, DIY
Boots, Jeffrey Campbell Gold Lita Spikes
Bracelets, Primark
Choker, DIY from old bracelet
Neck to Wrist Chain, DIY from bag strap

LFW AW15- Day 5

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This was not only my final LFW outfit but also one of my favourites.
It's the one which most reflects my everyday style (with a little more edge).
As I mentioned in my previous post, I love wearing something pretty straight forward and then adding that little extra with accessories.
Jewellery is one of my absolute loves and Primark offers me that fix every time!! I always find affordable statement pieces!

Long Cardigan, DIY
Faux Fur Stole, DIY
Trousers, Charity Shop
Belt, Gift
Necklaces, Primark
Cuff, Aldo

London Fashion Week: Day 2

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Hey lovelies! So I'm back after what felt like a very long time of trying to re organise my blog. I've finally found a layout I'm extremely happy with and I hope you like it too!

This outfit was strategically picked for practical reasons. I was going to attend a party that same day and I wasn't sure if I would have enough time to get changed so I layered up my party dress with this spring coat/ dress.

I made the fur stole the evening before because it had been so cold on day one, but I didn't want to hide my outfits with a winter coat. It did the job and added a little extra to the overall look...

The gloves were also for practical reasons because I just can't stand the cold!
I lost one of these gloves later that night when returning from the party and I'm still sad about it!
They were a gift from my brother and sister a few years ago and cost a ridiculous amount of money! I'm still hoping they'll turn up one day lol!
Keep hope alive!xx

Trench dress, Trade 
Gloves, Reiss 
Belt, eBay 
Boots, Jeffrey Campbell 'Gold Lita Spikes'
Fur stole, DIY 

Blog Relaunch

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Hello loved ones! I've had to interrupt my lfw posts because I started changing my blog layout and now it's just looking a little ridiculous lol!
Ergo, I will spend the next few days working on it, in the hope to make my blog more fabulous than before!

I also have some news regarding the new direction of my online presence which I am very excited about, so please stay tuned for that!!xx

Black Dress/ Studs & Zips


This dress is one of my all time favourites! Its definitely a wardrobe staple and is great for so many occasions.
I love the classic feminine sillouette with the edgy all over stud detail which was unusual at the time of purchase.

I've had these shoes for a few years now and I have some available to purchase brand new in sizes uk3- 7

The choker I'm wearing is actually my sister's broken bracelet which I "borrowed". 
Looks much better this way I think! ;p

Dress, BeyondRetro 
Shoes, 'Bisa's House' (available for purchase, comment/ message for details).
Earrings, vintage
Choker, reused Old bracelet 

Watch the video below to see how I achieved this look!

Thanks so much for stopping by!xxx